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Meet Your Guide

I work with CEOs, Board Members, Leaders in Industry, Heads of, Business owners, Leaders. Managers and every day workers. What stands out to me is that people are people, everyone has hopes, fears, triumphs and tribulations and I work with people to navigate what that means for them and how to get to where they want. I use my experience in business, as an entrepreneur, inventor, and people and change transformation consultant and advisor as I coach people and really know how to make things happen. I call it a hearts and minds approach. When you know it in your mind and believe it in your heart it will be easier to achieve your goals. I really love the work I do with people as glimmers of understanding and appreciation of their worth are switched on., I see people take steps towards their goals and make their own change happen and that is a wonderful thing.

Catherine Heilemann

Master the Art of Negotiation – Globally.

Introducing the Negotiation Planner, your universal toolkit for achieving the salary you deserve.

Course Overview

Unlock your true value and confidently negotiate your worth, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Tailored guidelines for global negotiation scenarios.

  • Strategies to define and communicate your goals effectively.

  • Comprehensive action planning for all outcomes.

  • Insights into both best-case and worst-case negotiation scenarios.

Using the Negotiation Planner

Course Curriculum

  • How the Negotiation Planner empowers you globally.

  • Evaluating and presenting your unique situation.

  • Clear goal setting techniques.

  • Navigating different negotiation outcomes.

What learning with The Salary Coach is like

“The Negotiation Planner transformed the way I approach discussions about pay. No longer confined by regional norms, I now confidently negotiate on an international scale.”

- Aria, Canada

“With this planner, I realised that effective negotiation is truly universal. Every professional needs this”

- Kunal, India

“The Negotiation Planner was a game-changer for me. It not only equipped me with the right strategies but also gave me the confidence to secure a deal that truly reflects my worth.”

- Liam, New Zealand

“I've always found it hard to articulate my value in salary discussions. The Negotiation Planner transformed that for me – now I negotiate with clarity and assurance, ensuring I get what I deserve.”

- Isabella Australia

“The Negotiation Planner was a game-changer! It provided structured, easy-to-follow steps that boosted my negotiation skills.”

- Rachel Tan, Adelaide

“Invaluable insights and strategies! This course armed me with the tools to negotiate effectively and confidently.”

- Markus Lee, Canberra

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