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I work with CEOs, Board Members, Leaders in Industry, Heads of, Business owners, Leaders. Managers and every day workers. What stands out to me is that people are people, everyone has hopes, fears, triumphs and tribulations and I work with people to navigate what that means for them and how to get to where they want. I use my experience in business, as an entrepreneur, inventor, and people and change transformation consultant and advisor as I coach people and really know how to make things happen. I call it a hearts and minds approach. When you know it in your mind and believe it in your heart it will be easier to achieve your goals. I really love the work I do with people as glimmers of understanding and appreciation of their worth are switched on., I see people take steps towards their goals and make their own change happen and that is a wonderful thing.

Catherine Heilemann

Unleash Your Global Career Potential

A Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Career Planning for Today & Tomorrow.

What You'll Discover

Course Overview

  • Career Foundations & Global Trends : Dive deep into essential career concepts and see how global trends can impact your professional journey.

  • Your Unique Value in the Global Market: With the Career Planner, unearth and recognize the distinct value you bring to the international job scene.

  • Celebrating Global Achievements: Understand and highlight milestones, no matter where you are in the world, that shape your career and its trajectory.

Success Stories from Around the World

“Diving into the Career Planner was like getting a personal coach. The clarity I've gained about my career path and the steps to get there is priceless”

– Nina, USA

“I've always been ambitious, but the Career Planner gave me the roadmap I needed. It's comprehensive, insightful, and tailored to real-world challenges.”

– Zara, UK

“Thanks to the Career Planner, I no longer feel lost or overwhelmed about my professional future. I've set clear milestones and I'm already hitting them.”

– Simone, South Africa

By the end of the Program you will know

  • How to plan your career

  • What makes you special

  • How to be more career smart

  • You Career needs and goals

  • How to Write and Implement your Career Plan

  • How to put it all together

If you feel like you’re lacking direction and want to map out your goals to work out a path to them, the Career Planner is a great tool.

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