Know Your Worth + Interviewing

Focus on Job Interview Menu (JIM) approach

Our hero course, Know Your Worth (KYW), assists you in determining your key competencies, taking charge of your career, and ensuring that you are recognised for the value you provide to others. This 'Nail your Interview' Program extends the power of KYW and applies it to help you develop the abilities and confidence to take charge of your interviews, approach every circumstance with confidence, and convince others of your professional value, whether you're applying for a new job, a promotion, or a salary raise.

Program Journey

Do the work, stay patient and trust the steps.

The program walks you through five critical steps that will assist you to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally to deliver a powerful interview. In each session we will discuss essential concepts, complete activities, adapt to your personal scenario and work together so you can build skills and confidence to succeed.

A private coaching session will also provide you with the opportunity to delve deeper into your personal situation.

What included in your program

Blended approach

  • Five fortnightly 2 hour small group interactive Zoom sessions

  • Personal access to performance coach

  • One year access to Know Your Worth and Job Interview Menu resources

  • Community and peer support through social media group

Dates and Time

The main sessions will be delivered via Zoom in five live interactive sessions every two weeks. Sessions take place on WEDNESDAYS from 18:00 to 20:00 hrs (6:00 - 8:00 pm AEST) Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Session Month Date
Session 1 September 28th
Session 2 October 12th
Session 3 October 26th
Session 4 November 9th
Session 5 November 23rd


Zoom Recordings
We will be recording all group sessions and making them available through our 'Nail that Interview' Facebook Group. You will receive a private link to the group once you have registered.

By the end of the program you will be able to

The Nail that Interview program combines the foundation of the Know Your Worth with the JIM approach to help you set yourself apart from other candidates. Are you ready to take control of your interview?

  • Week 1

    Prepare critical information and go through a journey of self-reflection and analysis of core strengths. Work through professional achievements, research market value, and converse with trusted advisors.

  • Week 2

    Identify core capabilities and extract the value you have given others. Learn how to write value statements.

  • Week 3

    Use a value statement to write a value narrative and examples to be shared during interviews. Keep track of your value through the Value tracker tool.

  • Week 4

    Fortify your mindset and the belief that you are worth it. Discover how your brain and emotions may be impacting your behaviour and limiting your opportunities. Work through critical communication skills to help deliver your value with impact.

  • Week 5

    Take a deep dive into the Job Interview Menu approach. Learn the difference between the traditional interviewing approach and the new JIM. Build JIM, practice applying, and nail your next interview.

Your bundle also includes

Live session are supported by online resources and direct access to your coach

What learning with The Salary Coach is like

“I have been working in the mining industry for most of my career. Over the course of my career I have been increasingly concerned that I have not been treated fairly compared to my male counterparts in regards to remuneration. We discussed the current market environment, my achievements in the role and my direct and indirect contribution to the business with limited resources. I realised that I has highly undervaluing my work and delivery to the business. This gave me the confidence to move forward with a remuneration negotiation resulting in a 10% increase in base salary and an equivalent increase in bonus, so effectively earning 20% more per year. Catherine helped me understand my value and gave me the confidence in my work performance to ask for an increase in salary to reflect the value I was delivering to the business.”

Mining Industry


“Like many ‘glamorous’ industries, the film and television industry is notorious for low pay. So, despite the fact that I’ve been doing this for years, I felt certain that whatever raise I asked for would be shut down. It’s the price you pay for doing a job you love, right? Catherine was able to make me see just how wrong that idea was. Loving your job means you give more and should be paid accordingly. More, not less. Through Catherine’s coaching I was able to build up my confidence in my work and truly understand my value. From there, we came up with a clear game-plan for me to approach my manager with and practised until all angles had been explored. In our meeting, my manager was surprised by my preparation and confidence, and I got the raise I was hoping for – 6%! I never imagined it could feel so easy. Catherine had me so prepared, there was no way I could be nervous. I finally knew what I was really worth to the company, so how could they disagree”

Television Producer


“The Gig Economy is going to need more people like Catherine, so we can all learn how to assess and understand our value in competitive, creative and fluid workplaces of the future. Catherine is an absolute master of her craft. She gets to the core of your beliefs about what you’re worth, and makes it seem so obvious that you are worth more than you imagined. Not only did coaching help me understand my true value, Catherine was also able to show me how to negotiate in difficult situations. I learned new tactics in overcoming the standard. arguments of salary ranges and benchmarking. It’s amazing how quickly being well informed enables you to confidently ask for what you are worth. And to receive what you’re worth.”

Business Optimisation Expert


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